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The deep state is tempted into to believing that their narrative will be used to undermine popular opinion of the president in preparation for his impeachment plan A. If impeachment fails, the groundwork will have been laid for public acceptance, if not relief, at his assassination plan B.

Satanic/Narcissistic/Jezebel Hollywood Gaslighting Us w/ Harvey Weinstein/Rose McGowan?

This delusion about their Russian-collusion conspiracy theory narrative is to be encouraged whenever possible. The primary purpose of gaslighting the media is distraction. The time the CIA Mockingbird apparatchiks spends trying to convince the public of their Size 2 model measurements conspiracy theory is time the Alliance can use to collect evidence and build air tight cases for the upcoming military tribunals.

The tertiary purpose of gaslighting the media is to create in the agents of the deep state, and their liberal stages, a false sense of security.

The goal is to foster a surreal dissociative sense of cognitive dissonance, an uneasy feeling that is relieved by concluding that Trump is simply guilty and stupid. The alternative conclusion being that the entire liberal media establishment has been chasing a giant fiction, while Trump prepares his retaliation; the more improbable and terrifying this possibility, the more cognitive dissonance it will create. The false belief is so tempting that the deep state FBI and CIA agents will march deeper into their treasonous plot to frame and impeach POTUS, further documenting their own crimes, while providing more time for the white hats to investigate their crimes.

Mueller leads the big guns of the deep state fixers on a slow and steady march directly into the jaws of military justice. The longer the gaslighting continues, the longer Trump has to lift the country up. He has time to remove the restraints and undo the acts of sabotage done to America by the globalists, thus allowing the country to thrive—making America great again. The longer the gaslighting goes on, the greater America becomes.

This drives an ever-widening gap between the delusional MSM narrative and the lived reality of Americans on Main Street. The genius of this protocol is the fact that it allows a gradual awakening of the public to the lies of the mainstream media. This steady shift continues until the public is overwhelmingly aware of the delusional plot to unseat POTUS.

When the time is right, and the Russian-collusion farce has been thoroughly exhausted, the Alliance will begin to drop the bombshell disclosures HRC videos, etc. Victory must be secured before the first shot is fired. Indeed, there will be no shots necessary, for such absolute victory will have been secured in the shadows. While publicly feigning inaction and incompetence to help gaslight the media, in actuality great action will be taken, covertly.

The diligence and discipline of the investigations will be so intense and contrast so starkly with the perceived baffoonery of the White House, that its existence will be disbelieved.

The fog of the gaslighting campaign will serve as a thick veil. While leaks of covert operations are prevented, they will be allowed and subtly enabled in the White House. The more leaks coming out of the White House the better.

These agents will leak information with such brazen abandon that it will lull the deep state into false security, while perpetuating the false image of a chaotic, disorganized, inefficient, and deeply undermined White House. Strength must be dressed up to look like weakness.You reap what you sow! This makes me sad. I'm sorry this happened to you. When we stand to honor Christ they seek to destroy our stand. So sorry. Thanks, Doug but I couldn't watch but about a quarter of this, The commentary of the helliwood crowd did me in.

We haven't even had a t.

Illuminati - The Initiation process explained

That takes in all the so-called musicians, ball players and the actors that spend their whole lives being someone else. S I C K and hell bound. I can pick and choose on You tube but the t.

And they and it will be. I was thinking the same. Just one thing. These peoples lies all time. I dont think it change over night so. And also i dont think that a confession after 10,20,30 years is courage. It sound more like cowardice and complicity. You cannot trust these people. I've lived in Los Angeles and worked in television on big shows for huge producers. You say no. You don't go to hotel rooms. Why did that girl go to his room to begin with?

And then went back?! Many of us said NO to huge famous producers. Many of us said, "no thanks but I'll make an appointment with your secretary. If some are they keep it very quiet. But many are not. I praise God I was saved while I was out there and ultimately left but even as an unbeliever working as a writer I knew many good people though unsaved that were not into all this.

During the filming of Angela Jolie it looked like dave stewart popstar pedophile involved in s of ritualistic murder initiations, was on the recording desk. I'm a Christian man and my wife of three years just left me after destroying me but by the grace of God and help from this blog I'm doing better. But really feel confused and lost. But I have no legal rights to even speak my stepson or see him.

Really know God has a call on my life. Trusting for fast recovery. I need to be about The Fathers business. Hollywood is disgusting! They all deserve each other. I didn't buy their agenda for a second. Why now, they are so shocked! Come on.Psychological motivators, md.

After relating this interesting incident, the chapter will cover the various psychological methods used to condition slaves. The husband of the family was about 28 and the wife was about A young man perhaps an uncle of the children about 25 also sat at the table with them. During the entire time we watched them, which was over an hour, we never saw one act of love, not one act of nurturing on the part of the parents.

Everything was programming, programming and more programming. The husband had an attitude of control over his children.

Anatomy of a (debunked) conspiracy theory

He was a young somewhat wild cock-sure type. From piecing together things it was clear that he made a good salary and that he and his wife enjoyed profanity.

His wife had the most dead looking eyes we have ever seen in a person. She looked every bit the part of a Satanic priestess of the worst type. The young man of about 25 had a very large knife hidden on his back that we noticed only by close observation of his movements. He had an older sister and two younger sisters, and they all had a baby brother. During the entire time that the family was there, the children ate almost nothing.

The 5 yr. Part of mind control is depriving the body of food. During most of the time that the family was in the restaurant, the mother and father took turns shooting one question after another at the five year boy. The questions were like: What is the capital of Florida? What is the 70th element on the periodical chart? What are the names of the first five presidents? What is the square root of ? The boy would robotically answer each question successfully.

The questions were not questions but programming and commands. The mother sternly said, "What make of car was that? Around this time they said, "Wake up, wake up, wake up. A couple which was in the restaurant was watching how obedient the children were, and they were also overhearing how excellent this little boy could answer difficult rapid-fire questions.

They were impressed and the lady came over to tell the parents how wonderful their family was. After oodling for 10 minutes over how great this family was the woman went on to other things. It was difficult for both of us watching to stomach the compliments this stranger was giving to these parents.

The natural impulse was to get her to shut up her compliments. She naively made all these compliments little knowing, that these parents were practicing one of the most hideous if not the most hideous type of mind control invented. Asking questions rapid fire is another mind-control technique.

One of the girls had different alters coming out and was having a conversation with herself between different alters personalities. She placed her hand over her temple in scarecrow fashion Wizard of Oz programming.Post a Comment. From Henry Makow: July 23, Blog Posting Date: God is ultimate reality. Mankind is inflicted by a cancer called Cabalism Satanism. Its goal is to supplant God and redefine reality according to its interests and perversions. This is called "gaslighting.

Remember, Cabalists are not just Jews. What follows are ten examples of gaslighting. There are hundreds. It's a common tactic of abusers, dictators, narcissists, and cult leaders. If done slowly, victims don't realize how much their cognitive faculties are compromised. Victims are defensless which explains why the results can be devastating. Doing something to upset someone, waiting for them to react, then standing back in pretend ignorance saying "what?

In no particular order:. The Romans killed Christ. In the Talmud, Jews take credit for murdering Christ. The holocaust. While a "holocaust denier" David Irving admits two million Jews were gassedthe Jewish holocaust is a distraction from the larger picture: the real holocaust was the murder of 60 million goyim in World War Two, including six million "anti semites" aka Nazis.

The Jewish holocaust is used to disarm the goyim with guilt, but in fact Zionists put Hitler in power and funded him. The fact that "Holocaust" is capitalized in spellchecks is another instance of gaslighting.

Obviously no plane hit WTC 7 or the Pentagon. Probably no plane hit the WTC. The public is forced to accept obvious lies. One man writes: "As a pastor I have heard families watching the apparently unstoppable descent of a loved one into physical or mental illness ask: "What are we to do?

illuminati gaslighting

The assault on gender. Obviously they are being use as a pretext to attack and undermine the heterosexual majority. Other examples of gender gaslighting include unsegregated bathrooms, trannies in bathrooms and libraries, and children being given gender transforming hormones and operations.You are commenting using your WordPress.

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God is ultimate reality. Mankind is inflicted by a cancer called Cabalism Satanism. Its goal is to supplant God and redefine reality according to its interests and perversions. Thus it must. They believe the truth is whatever they say. Remember, Cabalists are not just Jews.

illuminati gaslighting

What follows are ten examples of gaslighting. There are hundreds. Victims are defenceless which explains why the results can be devastating. The Romans killed Christ. In the Talmud, Jews take credit for murdering Christ. The holocaust.The Illuminati [1] plural of Latin illuminatus"enlightened" is a name given to several groups, both real and fictitious.

illuminati gaslighting

Historically, the name usually refers to the Bavarian Illuminatian Enlightenment -era secret society founded on 1 May in Bavariatoday part of Germany. The society's goals were to oppose superstitionobscurantismreligious influence over public life, and abuses of state power.

Many influential intellectuals and progressive politicians counted themselves as members, including Ferdinand of Brunswick and the diplomat Xavier von Zwackwho was the Order's second-in-command. In subsequent use, "Illuminati" has referred to various organisations which have claimed or have been claimed to be connected to the original Bavarian Illuminati or similar secret societies, though these links have been unsubstantiated.

These organisations have often been alleged to conspire to control world affairs, by masterminding events and planting agents in government and corporationsin order to gain political power and influence and to establish a New World Order.

Central to some of the more widely known and elaborate conspiracy theoriesthe Illuminati have been depicted as lurking in the shadows and pulling the strings and levers of power in dozens of novels, films, television shows, comics, video games, and music videos.

Adam Weishaupt — became professor of Canon Law and practical philosophy at the University of Ingolstadt in He was the only non-clerical professor at an institution run by Jesuitswhose order Pope Clement XIV had dissolved in The Jesuits of Ingolstadt, however, still retained the purse strings and some power at the University, which they continued to regard as their own. They made constant attempts to frustrate and discredit non-clerical staff, especially when course material contained anything they regarded as liberal or Protestant.

Finding Freemasonry expensive, and not open to his ideas, he founded his own society which was to have a system of ranks or grades based on those in Freemasonry, but with his own agenda.

Weishaupt became Spartacus. Weishaupt later expelled Sutor for indolence. Massenhausen proved initially the most active in expanding the society. Significantly, while studying in Munich shortly after the formation of the order, he recruited Xavier von Zwacka former pupil of Weishaupt at the beginning of a significant administrative career. At the time, he was in charge of the Bavarian National Lottery. Massenhausen's enthusiasm soon became a liability in the eyes of Weishaupt, often resulting in attempts to recruit unsuitable candidates.

Later, his erratic love-life made him neglectful, and as Weishaupt passed control of the Munich group to Zwack, it became clear that Massenhausen had misappropriated subscriptions and intercepted correspondence between Weishaupt and Zwack. InMassenhausen graduated and took a post outside Bavariataking no further interest in the order.The Illuminati are probably one of the most secret societies through history, and today.

Modern conspiracies suggest that the world, and its most powerful leaders are actually under the control of the Illuminati. We will not delve into those conspiracy theories.

Instead, we will try to explain how the initiation process goes. To become part of an Illuminati society is not something that you do every day, but it is a process that takes time.

The name Illuminati is given to different groups, and some of them are real and some are fictional. In both cases, they are secret societies. The origin of the Illuminati is in Bavaria, a society many believed was founded in The first name mentioned as a founder of the Illuminati is Adam Weishaupt, a professor of Canon Law and Practical philosophy back then. He was a professor at an institution run by Jesuits, and was the only non-clerical professor at it.

He was very much anti-clerical, and spread the ideas of Enlightenment. Since Freemasonry was expensive, and not much open to some of his ideas, professor Weishaupt founded his own secret society.

The system he employed was a gradal and based on the Freemasonry, but with his own agenda and personal touches. After few name changes, he settled for the Order of Illuminati and took the Owl of Minerva as the symbol of the society.

The owl is one of the most recognizable and common Illuminati symbols even today. As he was professor, he was in touch with many students who had likewise ideas. He was actively expanding the society. He recruited several law students, one of which, Massenhausen was the most active. However, disputes between him and the professor led to Massenhausen leaving the society. At that time, the Illuminati Order had twelve members.

Most of the orders and societies in modern age descend from the Bavarian Order and take their principles. In the essence of the initiation ritual and process of becoming an Illuminati, lies a simple thesis: one have to be reborn in order to be accepted. The Myth of Creation is the essence of the process. But how can one die and be reborn again? The Illuminati believe that you can only understand death if you experience it, and in a close encounter that is.

All that is needed in order to be part of the Illuminati. So, naturally, the initiation process includes a ritual of sacrifice. For the sacrifice, there are different rituals performed, depending of the Illuminati order. Some are extreme, and require a death of another human being. In some cases, the inductee is required to kill somebody during the initiation process, an action that will prove his true loyalty to the Order and beliefs.


However, the more common ritual includes a sacrifice of an animal. In their belief that a person receives power from a departing spirit the spirit of another person dyingthe Illuminati sacrifice an animal. The inductee is positioned at a bench, lying on his back, and an animal is placed on top of him. The animal is then killed, and let to bleed to death.

The blood of the dying animal spills on the inductee, and the Illuminati believe that the blood is what gives power and knowledge.

There are tons of documentaries about the Vatican, and Inthe city of Derinkuyu was opened for tourists. Before opening for tourists, officials in Turkey made sure to fully explore the underground city, for which they believe w Hell, space, dimensions, angels, demons, mystery religions and conspiracies, all thrown at you from the very beginning.

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